In this four day’s tour, you will have the opportunity to see all the highlights that our beautiful country has to show you and a big part of history through the ages.


1 Day

Ancient Corinth

Move on to the ancient city of Corinth where you will visit the famous Temple of Apollo and follow in the footsteps of Saint Paul, who taught the Corinthians the Word of God.

Epidaurus theater

Afterwards we are visiting , the extraordinary Epidaurus Theater. One of the most famous theaters of Ancient Greece, and of the modern world, it is located inside the area of the Asclepieion (healing temple), the most celebrated healing center of the Classical world.


You will also visit Nafplio, the first capital city of modern Greece. The city became the capital of the newborn state after falling from the Ottoman Empire in 1829. Explore the city, which still retains its 19th-Century air and travel back in time as you will walk through the narrow streets past handsome houses and the city’s two landmarks, the castles of Palamidi and Bourtzi.

golden mask of Agamemnon

Continue your tour through Greek civilization at Mycenae, the capital city of Mycenaic civilization. Home to King Agamemnon and his brother Menelaus, famous for starting the Trojan War, you will see the famous Lion's Gate with the Cyclopian walls, and the famous Mycenaic tomb of King Agamemnon. Pause in the museum to see Agamemnon’s golden mask.

After we are heading to ancient Olympia where you going to overnight and have dinner.


2 Day

Ancient Olympia

After the breakfast you will visit the Ancient Olympia site.

Ancient Olympia is the birthplace of the Olympic Games and is dedicated to Zeus, the father of the Gods. On this day tour, you will see some of the most iconic and symbolic ancient ruins Greece has to offer.

Olympic Stadium

Tour the Olympic gymnasium, the baths, and the courtyard of Palestra, where the athletes trained and conditioned for the games. Then continue on to see the Olympic Stadium and the Hippodrome, where the games and chariot races took place.

Temple of Zeus

See the famous structures of Heroon (“hero”), the Temple of Zeus, and the Workshop of Pheidias, who built the mighty statue of Zeus (also considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.)

Finally, you will get to explore the foundation where the Council Chamber once stood. The chamber housed the Olympic council, who were responsible for the organization of the Olympic Games, including judging and penalties. It is here where the athletes took their oaths, and where an archive of the winners was kept.

After you will head throw the bridge of Antirion to Delphi that you will overnight there.


3 Day

Delphi Oracle

The ancient Greek city-states warred with each other, but all considered Delphi sacred and brought lavish offerings to Apollo to get advice from the famous Oracle there. Splendid ruins and art remain as a legacy for you to explore in the shadow of Mt. Parnassus.

After arriving from Athens, visit the Castalia spring. This is where the high priestess, or Oracle, would bathe to cleanse her body and soul. Next visit the Temple of Athena, with its unusual round, colonnaded thalos.

The Temple of Apollo was the center of this “navel of the world.” Nearby stands the restored treasury Athens built to house its offerings.

Athenian treasury

Offerings that were not pillaged from the various treasuries are collected in the Delphi Archaeological Museum. There you will see the famous bronze Charioteer statue, which still retains its inlaid glass eyes. Other attractions include the amphitheater and Asklipieion.

Afterwards we are heading to Kalambaka were you will have dinner and overnight.


4 Day

Metéora are one of the largest and most important Eastern Orthodox complexes, second only to Mount Athos. You will visit as many you can from the 6 monasteries that are part of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Monasteries are the following:

The Monastery of Great Metéoron that is the biggest of all

The Monastery of Varlaam

The Monastery of Rousanou(nuns)

The Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas

The Monastery Of St. Stephan(nuns)

The monastery of Holy Trinity, which is the hardest to reach and famous from the James Bond movie “For your eyes only”

After you can taste the Greek cusine in Kalambaka village beneath the rocks and then you will return in Athens.


Inclusions & Exclusions

What's included:

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • English-speaking taxi driver
  • Transportation in an air-conditioned Mercedes Benz taxi
  • A Wi-Fi internet is available upon request
  • A child seat is available upon request
  • Cold water supplies

Not included:

  • Professional tour guide (the guidance is conducted by the taxi driver while cruising)
  • Entrance fees to archeological sites
  • Food and drinks

Additional Information

  • Your taxi driver will narrate your tour
  • Please wear sturdy athletic shoes to help prevent slipping accidents
  • In the monasteries they having a dressing code for men and women
  • No service on Christmas, New Years Day, Greek Easter and National Holidays